Spammers no Oni and Why No One Can Have Anything Nice

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Spammers no Oni and Why No One Can Have Anything Nice

Post by admin » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:54 am

So, until now, registration has been pretty darn unrestricted.

But, we've had problems. So, it is time to close the gate on the Great Carpenter Wall and lock out all the Spammers no Oni.

All new accounts will from 2017-10-14 onwards require administrator activation. That means either myself or Shiba Gunichi, our awesome moderator, will have to activate your account.

Also, all new accounts will be stuck in the Newly Activated Users group from account activation until they have posted 3 posts, and the Newly Activated Users group will be the account's default group.

Also, minimum password length has been increased to 12 characters.

Any account spotted posting spam links will be deleted. It should be blatantly OBVIOUS if something is a spam link or not. Use common sense before posting things -- you have a keyboard and post previews exist. Use them to your advantage.

Also, while it should go without saying, be nice. This forum is for Phoenix players of ALL editions of the game, be it the CCG, the LCG, or the RPG, regardless of who owned or published the IP at that time. Being rude or trying to cause edition wars will warrant an immediate warning and repeated abuse will get you banned. This should be a place where Phoenix players can come and expect to be treated nicely and fairly discussing their favorite Clan in the L5R universe.

Any future updates to account settings will be posted to this thread.

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Re: Spammers no Oni and Why No One Can Have Anything Nice

Post by Shiba Gunichi » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:06 am

Maybe now I can save some napalm for external threats...


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