ATTN: Expected Server Maintenance on 2017-04-13

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ATTN: Expected Server Maintenance on 2017-04-13

Post by admin » Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:30 am

Hey everyone! Sorry for taking a bit to post this. I received the email from the wonderful folks over at HostMonster a few days ago, then remembered you probably need to know this info, and THEN couldn't login in Chrome.

So, logged in via Firefox, and here we go.
HostMonster Network Service Email wrote:As part of our longstanding effort to keep our servers fast and reliable, the server hosting [redaced: read: THESE FORUMS] is scheduled for routine maintenance on Thursday, April 13 between 10pm and 12am ET. You can expect approximately 30-60 minutes of downtime while the server reboots.
Note that this is completely out of my hands, and they (HostMonster) really DO need to perform said server maintenance. ET = U.S./Eastern Time, which is currently UTC/GMT/Zulu-04:00.

Actual server outage time and amount is unknown. I hope it will be a small outage, as this affects EVERYTHING on my site, not just these forums, but all we can expect is what is copied above from the automated email I received.


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