Signle Core Release Event

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Signle Core Release Event

Post by IsawaSomori » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:37 am

This is what I'm looking at for the Patriot event. Any thoughts from people who've played the game more than me so far? Plan is to go for personality denial and dishonor.

Seeker of Void

V Kuroi Mori
V Shameful Display
A Manicured Garden
F Meditations on the Tao
E Entrenched Position

Forgotten Library
2 Imperial Storehouse
3 miya mystic
3 Seppun Guardsman
3 Otomo Courtier
Wandering Ronin
2 Seeker Initiate
2 Favorable Ground
Naive Student
Adept of the Waves
Fearsome Mystic
Shiba Yojimbo
Isawa Atsuko
Isawa Masahiro
Meddling Mediator
Asako Diplomat
Radiant Orator
Serene Warrior
Shiba Peacemaker
Shiba Tsukune
Solemn Scholar

Conflict (Crab)
Watch Commander
Jade Tetsubo
Hiruma Ambusher
Grasp of Earth
Magnificent Kimono
Ishiken Initiate
Seeker of Knowledge
Against the Waves
Display of Power
Know the World
Supernatural Storm
Way of the Phoenix
2 Cloud the Mind
2 Assassination
2 Contingency Plan
2 Court Games
2 Banzai
2 Good Omen
2 Charge!
1 Spies at Court

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